St. Fintan's High School

Stand Up & Be You Week!

A hugely successful week has ended celebrating Stand Up & Be You and the launch of our Allyship Club on Thursday! We have had an action-packed week with activities for all of our year groups including scratch art created by 1st Years, friendship bracelets made in 2nd Year SPHE, a giant outdoor chalk mural completed by 3rd Years and Transition Years and a movie screening of Bohemian Rhapsody for 5th and 6th Years!

On Wednesday this week, the whole school came together in a kaleidoscope of colour to create a multicoloured heart drone pic out on the field! On Thursday, we launched our Allyship Club, a wonderful initiative spearheaded by 6th Year, Cúán Bannon O’Regan with a ribbon cutting ceremony and tea and cake!

We carried out LGBTQ+ Awareness Presentations during Tutor time all week and we hope we have raised awarenesss amongst our whole school community about the importance of creating a welcoming school for all where we celebrate each other’s individuality and everybody’s right to be completely themselves!