St. Fintan's High School

Wellbeing Programme

Whole School Initiatives that Promote Wellbeing

Our wellbeing initiatives in St. Fintan’s strive to create a caring, healthy and inclusive environment that supports all of our students.


These include:


Chess Club

Continuum of Support Model

Cultural Diversity Week



First Aid

Gaisce Awards

Green School Committee

Healthy Eating

Lunch Time Clubs

Outdoor learning (Outdoor Classroom)

Performance Arts

Personal Development


Road Safety

School Band

School Choir

School Musical

SOAR Workshops

Student Council

Themed weeks (e.g. Maths Week, Science Week etc)

Wellbeing Curriculum (CSPE, SPHE and PE)

Wellbeing Wall (Pictures)

Wellbeing Week

Young Social Innovators


Through their time, work and commitment, staff also provide a broad programme of sporting activities.

These include:

Athletics,Badminton,Basketball,Frisbee, Gaelic Football, Golf, Handball, Hurling, Rugby, Soccer, Squash, Table Tennis, Tennis.


Teachers also organise co-curricular outings, visits and tours e.g. – Skiing for TY students, trips to Theatre & Drama, Arts & Culture Trips, History, Geography and Science trips as well as overseas tours.


These activities serve to broaden the educational engagement and sense of belonging central to a sense of students’ wellbeing at school.


We will be developing our Wellbeing page further in September. Please check out our Padlet page dedicated to wellbeing at St. Fintan’s High School, link below.

Link to OIDE Website Wellbeing Page