St. Fintan's High School

Scifest Week Review

We had a very successful Scifest Week last week with lots of activity around the school. On Tuesday last, our 2nd Years took part in SciFest@school. 45 science projects were on display. The students had spent weeks researching and testing their hypotheses before putting their findings on display. Students shared their work with their peers and other year groups.

The work was judged by Ms. Catherine Tattersall from SciFest, Dr. Peter Knief and our own Ms. Aideen Lambe.  The winners were:

1st Prize: How does hand sanitiser affect bacteria? by Joseph Kirwan and Kyle Coogan

2nd Prize: How does the length of time an egg is in vinegar affect how high it bounces?

by Kamal Risk, Erikas Sruogis, Harry Stone and Kyle Trehy

Highly Commended: Investigating how temperature affects the bounce of a tennis ball:

by Gavin Pluck, Craig Smart, Leo MacAmbhlaoibh

Fintan’s Spirit Prize: Insoles and their effect on how high you jump:

by Conal Feely, Ronan Magsalay, Liam Cronan

Eir Grid Prize: What insulates a person best?

by Max Casey, Anthony Hobbs, Josh Egan

Well done to all involved!

Last Thursday, our 5th Years had a very interesting talk by Scientific researcher and Lecturer Dr. Bernard Drumm of Dundalk IT. He outlined why and how he became a Scientist. The students learned about all the pathways to become a Scientist and the opportunities that lie ahead for them. On Friday, our 1st Years enjoyed a Science quiz and Science riddles facilitated by the Science Department and Prefect volunteers. All during the week, tutor classes were shown short Science related videos and we had a school wide Science riddle announced every morning with a prize for the first student to solve the problem!

A very enjoyable week overall where we all learned and discovered lots. Many thanks to the Science Department for all the hard work involved!