St. Fintan's High School

Making Noise in the Music Industry

St. Fintan’s High School past pupils are making their mark on the Irish music scene. Check out the following recent work by these artists and follow our specially created Spotify playlist by Mr. Barker showcasing their work!

Pyro Villas – Andrew Gleeson is the band’s lead singer. Latest single ‘Edalyn’ was released last month. Sraddha is the solo project of Brendan Wade. He released his new single ‘Colour’ last Friday. Conor Hamilton-Long released his new single ‘Craving That Affection’ on Feb 12th. Brian Whittington went solo a few years ago and can often be found singing at the top of his voice in St. Anne’s Park. His latest single ‘You’re Wrong’ was released on December 4th. Graham Mitchell has released a good few solo singles over the last few years. His latest one is called ‘I Don’t Mind’ and was released in November. Girl Band are one of the best bands in the country and are huge. Alan Duggan is the guitarist. They have released two albums and are signed to Rough Trade Records. Time Magazine named their debut album ‘Holding Hands With Jamie’ as one of the top 5 albums of 2015. Fruitz are a 4 piece featuring ex-students James Keegan & Adam Whelehan.